Linear Referencing System (LRS) for the Caltrans highway network to meet HPMS requirements

Challenge Caltrans needed to build a linear reference systems (LRS) to support upcoming federal Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) requirements. They asked Farallon to recommend a plan to pilot development for five counties in the Sacrmento area, to meet the new HPMS standards. HPMS is a federally mandated inventory system and planning tool designed to […]

Nature Conservancy eCatch Version 2.0 – iOS

Challenge The Nature Conservancy (TNC) developed eCatch, a web-based application to monitor, visualize, and georeference catch limits and depleted species using data collected by fishing vessels. This catch data was entered into a geodatabase. With the advent of eCatch, a new digital fishermen’s logbook system was created where different fishing parties could upload and share […]

CalTrans: LD-IGR – Geo-based Project Tracking System

Challenge Development projects such as housing subdivision, commercial parks, and others can result in significant impact on portions of the State’s transportation system.  In order to foresee and mitigate these impacts, Caltrans provides review of development proposals from local agencies (such as city and county governments) through a division of its Office of Planning called […]

What Does Storytelling Have to Do with a GIS Strategic Plan?

GIS Strategic Plan and Storytelling

A GIS Strategic Plan is a way to understand the unique story of a client and turn that story into a script for action. Elements of good storytelling can play a key role in developing a robust GIS Strategic Plan. Hero, setting, quest, antagonist and plot all play a role.