Coordinating Insights

Enlightened approaches to
location-based asset management

GIS Deployment

seamless application mapping

Farallon builds location-based functionality into an organization’s existing line-of-business and enterprise workflows. Our developers can create custom GIS applications, and integrate the full range of other GIS vendor products (Open Source, ESRI, Hexagon, AutoDesk, Oracle Spatial).

What We Do

  • Public Works Asset Management
  • Land Management Systems
  • Permitting Systems
  • Computer Aided Dispatch
  • Next Generation 911
  • Billing and Financial Systems
  • Plant and Campus Management
  • Capital Improvement Planning
  • Scenario Planning
  • Document Management Systems

Solutions & Applications


Farallon offers a running start on development of GIS-enabled apps. We’re the authors of several customizable off-the-shelf solutions that make it possible for nearly any organization to get started quickly with state-of-the-art GIS technologies that meet specific operational needs.

What We Do

  • Enterprise Addressing System
  • Plant GIS
  • Sewer Service Charge Billing Application
  • Arches (a fully customizable geo-spatial enabled enterprise solution)
  • Collection System
  • Asset Management Application
  • Secure Application Hosting, Backup and Data Storage

Data Integration

signal and noise

After more than 20 years working on a wide range of GIS-related strategic and operational challenges, Farallon is exceptionally well prepared to help organizations capture, transform, interpret and visualize location data. We partner with clients on ad hoc and long-term assignments to make sense of the data they capture and ensure they leverage it effectively.

What We Do

  • Data Modeling
  • In-Office Data Management Workflow Development
  • In-Field Data Management Workflow Development
  • Data Migration / Extract, Transform, and Load
  • High performance spatial and non-spatial analysis

Strategic Planning

ready where you are

Whether you’re in the earliest stages of GIS adoption, already fully integrated or anywhere else along the GIS enterprise maturity process, Farallon can help you identify opportunities, improve outcomes and streamline how work gets done.

What We Do

  • Spatial data and GIS needs assessment
  • Existing systems assessment and troubleshooting
  • GIS systems architecting
  • Implementation planning and management
  • Gap analysis
  • Business process analysis